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BlueLine provides advisory and representation services to land owners in the transference of their development rights and in the monetization of the conservation values of their real estate. These representation opportunities include:

dash Wetlands creation rights agreements and credit representation
dash Water quality and stream corridor protection incentives
dash Purchase development rights (including the military and other federal entities) representation
dash Nutrient credits

BlueLine Conservation (through its affiliate Norman Realty) represents both conservation minded land owners and buyers in the brokerage of rural, undeveloped real estate. Utilizing our extensive experience in real estate, the creation of conservation easements and our in-depth knowledge of the Virginia Land Preservation Tax Credit program, we assist both buyers and sellers in developing economically advantageous and creative conservation driven solutions.

We believe that conservation and return on investment are not mutually exclusive goals. We aim to help permanently preserve the character and beauty of rural communities by pioneering a new relationship between private investment and land conservation. Through the creative use of easements and agricultural, conservation, timber, watershed and wildlife management techniques, BlueLine Conservation can work with concerned local investors to help them protect the landscape of their communities while providing them with tax benefits and potential long-term capital gains from land appreciation.