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  Texas Farm

  County: Fauquier
  Easement Holder: Virginia Outdoors Foundation
  Eased Acreage: 386 acres
The easement restrictions of the property will limit uses of the property to not adversely affect the conservation and open space values of the property, the scenic values enjoyed by the general public, or the governmental conservation policies. The easement limits the subdivision of the property to a total of 3 lots.
  Natural & Scenic Resources

The Property is located within the Little River/Goose Creek Watershed, an area the county has designated as worthy of special protection. Texas Farm is a cattle farm that consists primarily of open agricultural land, the associated farm buildings, as well as a main house that dates back to 1790.

Fauquier County’s comprehensive plan recognizes the county’s traditional agricultural and rural character and the need for preservation of its open spaces and scenic beauty. Texas Farm is located within an area of the county which is designated as Rural Agricultural (RA) and is located on the “Scenic Roads, Areas & Rivers Map” in the comprehensive plan. The Property has extensive frontage along a “Virginia Scenic Byway” and contributes to the scenic views enjoyed by the public.
  Open Space
  The property has been eased in order to protect in perpetuity the open-space values of these 386 acres.