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BlueLine is a market maker in conservation tax credits.

Virginia's Land Preservation Tax Credit is the largest credit in Virginia and the program is a market based approach for Virginia individual and corporate income taxpayers to participate directly in conserving Virginia's farms, open spaces and other significant parcels or lands. Easement donors and subsequent buyers of the tax credits use their credits to offset Virginia income tax liability dollar-for- dollar up to $50,000 per year per taxpayer.

Many easement donors may not have sufficient Virginia income tax liability to use all of their credits and contract with BlueLine to provide market structure for the sale of their tax credits.

dash Throughout the year, BlueLine organizes an exchange for seller tax credits to be transferred to Virginia taxpayers looking to support the conservation program as well as reduce their Virginia tax liability.
dash Credits represented by BlueLine are supported by our knowledge of real estate in the Commonwealth and our scrutiny of each individual easement thereby removing the guesswork for the buyer.
dash Credits are purchased by the buyer directly from the seller at a value with discounts ranging generally from 15-25% of face value of the credit, allowing buyers to realize a tax savings when they file their credits with their tax returns.
dash All of our credits are backed with the assurance of a seller's indemnification.
dash Typically, the seller pays all transaction costs associated with the sale of the credits.



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Tom Taxpayer expects to owe $20,000 in Virginia taxes for the year. He agrees to purchase $20,000 income tax credits at $.80. He writes a $16,000 check to BlueLine. Upon BlueLine's filing of the transfer with the Department of Taxation, Taxpayer receives a letter from Taxation acknowledging the transfer to Taxpayer to be submitted with his filing.